Elana, painted in rainbow colors

Hi, I'm Elana Bell Bogdan! I'm a game designer and UI engineer with
 nearly a decade of experience. My passion is for crafting accessible,
 immersive experiences to help make the world a better place.

Resume also available for download here.
MazeMaker  is an algorithm for procedurally generating mazes, which I collaborated on with Rye Welz Geselowitz. Starting with pencil and paper, we sketched out a solution from scratch, then coded an efficient, object-oriented implementation, which included breadth-first search for analyzing distances. Finally, I designed a way to render the maze, and make it interactive, using pure CSS. To learn more, you can check out our slide deck here!
TreeClimber  is an interactive platform for exploring decision trees in logic puzzles and games. Originally inspired by "The Bishops Puzzle" (a notoriously tricky challenge featured in The Seventh Guest ), this project provides an annotated visualization of the branching possibilities that unfold every time the user makes a move. Rather than solving the puzzle in linear order, the user is invited to backtrack, try alternative moves, and learn about the possibility space as a whole. AI assistance can provide hints and automation as needed.
Mx. Pac-Man  is a port of the classic Pac-Man & Ms. Pac-Man game environments, built entirely in vanilla JS and rendered with canvas methods. The level layout is full customizable, using a simple markdown language. I felt inspired by GMTK's retrospective on Pac-Man as a "design icon," originally created to bring more female gamers into arcades. Currently, this project is nothing more than a screensaver with randomized character movement, created over a short time period. But, in the future, I may develop it into a playable, gender-themed game, featuring a nonbinary version of this popular, hungry protagonist.